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Research Interests

Our group is interested in algorithms for machine learning, especially optimization algorithms. Optimization is at the heart of machine learning. Most machine learning problems entail solving some kind of optimization problem. This holds true for classical as well as for deep learning approaches. We design efficient algorithms, prove correctness, implement them (usually in Python), and provide them to the public.


Group Members


A full list can be found here.


Open Positions

PhD Students / PostDocs

We are currently looking for PhD students and PostDocs in the area of optimization, machine learning, and deep learning. If you are highly motivated, have a solid background in ML, CS, math, and Python or C++, you are welcome to apply by sending your

to using the subject ‘Application for PhD position’ or ‘Application for PostDoc position’.

TAs / HiWis

If you want to be a TA for a course we offer or want to join our group as a student researcher (HiWi), write a mail using the subject ‘Application for HiWi’.


Phone: +49 631 205 2509

TU Kaiserslautern
Dept. of Computer Science
Building 48, Room 655
Kaiserslautern, Germany